Thursday, November 25, 2004

we did it!!!

It was cold, it was gruelling, but we pulled each other through the 1oK Habitrot and ended up under our goal time - 57:29:47 (unofficial)!

On the way home we stopped by the new Krispy Kreme to pick up donughts for the non-runners at home and received free, fresh-from-the-oven samples. Oh my - it was amazing.

Now the turkey is in the oven (it's much easier to get all the stuff out of it when it's fully thawed - this year was the best thawing job yet) and I am showered, dry, and ready to get started on the precise science that is getting all the parts of the Thanksgiving menu done at the same time.

I had a nightmare about cornbread making last night - I hope it's not a bad omen. However, the problem in the dream was that they confiscated my cast-iron skillet at the airport security checkpoint (I was on a business trip). So it should all be good.


appwiz said...

good job y'all! honkin' big achievement off your checklist. happy thanksgiving!

Tabita said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!! :) I'm sooooo full.