Saturday, November 13, 2004


I took some time out this morning to treat myself to a 2+ hour workout. Yes, I realize that to some of you this would seem more like torture than a treat, but trust me - it was just what I needed!! Ran my first long run since the 1/2 marathon back in April (8.40 miles). My thighs and arms are shafed (you're not a real runner unless some part of your body is permanently shafed... ;) Doing the leg extension machine after that many miles is slightly horrific - but in a good kind of way...

Unfortunately, I had to watch Fox and Friends during the run.

75% was about the Peterson verdict - they held up a paper where the header said "Frey Him!" Why are we so thirsty for human blood?

15 % was about Fallujah - what a mess.

5% was about Blair's visit to the White House - I don't really care.

5% was about random stuff including a two-headed snapping turtle in England (that was my favorite part).

On the way home from the gym I noticed that Brentwood is being decked out for the Christmas Holidays... What the $^#%$?!? It's not even Thanksgiving yet!! Can we just do one holiday at a time - please?

ps - I'm just out of the shower, in fleece pants, eating oatmeal, and writing in my blog... Could life be any better??

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