Thursday, November 18, 2004

i will never complain about my big buttocks again!

My dear bro-in-law "Anonymous David" sent me this interesting article about running. It describes how the human physique developed from the need for our body to support the act of running. Apparently we developed big buttocks (compared to apes) to keep from falling flat on our face with every running step.

I love the first part of the title: "Humans Were Born to Run" - indeed!

On another running note, Todd declared today that he is going to run the 10K Habitrot with me on Thanksgiving morning. This is an historic event in the life of the Greens in that it will be his first race and, hence, the first race we run together. Btw, we're shooting for a manageable sub-hour finish time honey... ;)

Finally, running on a treadmill while still under the influence of Benadryl is interesting. But boy is that stuff awesome! I slept 9 straight, wonderful hours last night. I'll be taking it again tonight, and the night after that, and...


Todd said...

I love your buttocks ---- just the way they are.

Tabita said...

Alright, Mr. Darcy... ;)