Monday, November 15, 2004

music beyond the imagination

My good friend Brian introduced me to the music of Jonas Hellborg maybe a year ago and it has been playing in my laptop and car on and off ever since. Right now he's on in my car and - man - is he and his music amazing.

This music takes you to some place where all is well and thoughts are clear. The pieces are so long that you have time to get to some really deep place - unlike most music, which abruptly forces you to some other place every 3 1/2 minutes. Even the different pieces flow into each other, so it's more like a long, wonderful story.



Jeff said...

I like Hellborg a lot... but the stuff that Brian got me hooked on is Ozric Tentacles.

Awesome stuff. I listen to at least some Ozric every day.

Tabita said...

Hmmm - not sure if I have that or not... Will have to wade through the Gigs of music he has provided over the years... ;)