Tuesday, November 09, 2004

one week later

still so much unrest


and hoping that it's all just a bad dream - knowing that it's not.

part of me wants to keep dwelling on it all, but a bigger part of me wants to move on... this is our reality - make the best of the situation. be positive and appreciate the good things in life.

like having a warm home, family, friends - many good friends

a job - a challenging and rewarding job - intense, but good

music - i have a piano - how lucky is that? - and i have friends to make music with - anytime i want

running - i'm not fast - and i'm pretty sure watching me run is pure comedy - but my legs are strong and i can go and go until i run out of time

and a church that embraces all of God's children indiscriminate of their sexuality, race, theology, or socio-economic status - now this is rare

it'll still be hard. whenever i see a friend that i haven't seen since the election, we greet as if someone just died. "how are you?" "well, aside from still being in mourning..." or "well, except for our country going to shit..." or "well, except for being scared to death..."

it's nice to be surrounded by people who are also in this weird state of disbelief, to be able to share feelings, and be heard... let's keep talking, but at the same time try to be hopeful that everything's gonna be alright...

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