Thursday, November 04, 2004

on trial

Alright - this story has to be told:

Yesterday I came home from yet another field trip to N.C. around 7 pm. A stuffed dog greeted me at the door with a note that said: "Come to your room right now!" So I dropped everything and went straight up to my room.

Becka motioned me to sit down in a chair facing the bed that was covered with books and other random items to create a court room. The family was on the bed with Fluffy, a stuffed cat who hates my guts... ;) Fluffy was dressed up to be the judge with rollers strapped to her head to symbolize the wig.

As the trial unfolded it became apparent that I was on trial for at some point during the previous night throwing Fluffy on the floor. I honestly had no recollection of this and was wondering why she was in our bed in the first place. Also, I realized halfway through this event that the victim and judge was the same animal. That didn't seem fair.

In the end the court found me guilty even though I pleaded insanity and any other things that I'd heard people plead in the movies. However, there was no mercy... "We're in America - we don't show mercy here" were the final words...

My punishment was to clean up the mess created on our bed and some other things that I refused to do... :)

Ok - how bizarre is my life?

ps - Fluffy, if you're reading this... You should really consider a make-over, you're starting to look really shabby...


katie said...

a horribly telling example of how the lies and preemptive warring of the bush regime have affected america's youth!

Fluffy said...

Guilty as charged!

And if I look a little shabby, it's only because Rebecka loves me so much that she want to play with me all of the time. By the looks of you and your clean skin, it's clear that she loves me more than you!!

Fluffy said...
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Tabita said...

katie, i think it was sarcasm... :)